staple & spindle

Build a team that makes better decisions, faster

Facing an annoying decision in your team, and want to do it right this time?

You want to keep your team moving in the right direction, on the smaller decisions as well as the large ones. Those smaller daily and weekly decisions consume time, and any lack of clarity and closure can drag you back to decisions you thought were already made.

Staple & Spindle will facilitate the decision you face right now, and help your team build the skills and habits to make future decisions.

We have a process that takes your issues and gives them structure and clarity. Using compact workshops, I’ll facilitate discussions that gather the whole team’s voices. We’ll lay out the options, parse the pros and cons, and use quick tools to come to a shared choice.

Working remotely is easy, and I can provide online tools. I charge a flat fee for a decision (based on its complexity), and charge hourly for ongoing coaching and skill-building

Have questions? Send me email or Grab a time on my calendar to tell me your story. We'll craft a process that will work for your team.

Looking forward to our collaboration!

Andrea Gallagher